What’s up Tonite

Hi folks, today we are here to talk about a new App. 🎉🎉🎉

Tonite allows you to discover parties and events around you, with very pleasant UX and UI.
At app launch user is asked to share it’s location, then a list of events appears.
The list can be filtered by date, distance and category.
Full-text search is also available.

Before continuing, a special thanks to Alessandro Roat, old friend of mine, with whom I’m working for this project.

The app only shows events taking place in Italy, so it’s only available there for now.
Sorry 🙂

🍎 iPhone App Store 

🤖 Android Play Store

🔗 Facebook Page

How do we get the events?

The greatest source of events we found, with no surprise, is Facebook.
Unfortunately, the Graph API will not allow a service to fetch all events in a certain region.

There are a few apps out there that do require the user to sign-in on facebook to show events using their user-token.
This solution comes with a few issues :

  • Required sign-in is an obstacle to get new users
  • There is an inevitable delay in getting events from the Graph API
  • It makes it more difficult to handle multiple events sources

So, here comes in play Alessandro‘s work for the backend :
A simple yet efficient system generates pseudo-random coordinates, which we use to fetch events around that single spot.

This guarantees both a good coverage, and a good distribution of the updates after an event is fetched for the first time.

Tech Stack

The Backend is written in Node.js using simple modules such as Restify.
Once fetched from Facebook events are stored in a MongoDB database, where they keep receiving updates until the event is closed.

Both the iOS and Android app are native, written in Swift and Java respectively.
We use Fabric to track anonymous usage data, and Glide to manage images on Android.
There are no other third party libraries.