Trip to Santorini

I just came back from my holidays in Santorini.

Santorini is the biggest of the Cyclades islands, still, it’s quite small, begin about 90 square kilometers (35 sq miles).

I don’t travel a lot, but here are some hints that I definitely wanted to share.


We got 3 days of pure HELL, with 44° C, and little-to-NO wind.
Impossibile to got out even at night.
Fortunately, the last 2 days had a very nice sunny weather, with a maximum temperature of 34° C, and a delicious fresh wind, which is the usual weather on the island.
A hoodie or something might be needed when going out at night with a bike.

Moving inside the island

There are plenty spots to visit in Santorini.
Being the island so small, a 40 minutes ride is enough to get from Perissa (Top South) to Oia (famous city in the north).
You definitely must rent a Quad or an ATV (or a car).
A scooter is also fine, but I recommend the 4 wheels *BD.
I took a Quad, and I have to say it was an amazing experience.
The price was also honest: 5 days, 300cc, for 100 €.
Avoid using the bus as it takes way too long.

Where to stay

Being able to move freely on the island is also an advantage when it comes to choose a place to stay.
We took a room at Mandilaria Studios, in Emporio Village, in the middle south of the island, near Perissa.
The zone seems a bit too far from the beach, but, actually, it’s just a 3 minutes ride from *Perissa Beach.
My hotel also had a private pool, which is a great plus when it’s too hot.


Black Beach
The black beach is, hence the name, a pitch black beach.
The last mile is a dirt road, which might be difficult with a Scooter. Once at the sea, follow the street a bit longer to arrive to a nice private beach.

White Beach
A white white beach, reachable only by boat.
Black, White and Red beaches are connected by a boat bus.
Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to go there.

Red Beach
Just red everywhere, feels like taking a bath on Mars!
This is not the best place to stop for a sunbath because the beach is pretty small and rocky.

Kamari Beach
This one is my favorite.
The water is just incredibly clear, and at the very end (most south) you can dive from the rocks.


The island is famous for its breathtaking sunset views.
While Oia offers the most famous sunsets, which can be admired from the ruins of the Byzantin Castle, there are some view less-known places definitely worth a try :

I heavily suggest this place, but better during September (due to the sea fog).

Caldera View
On the way for the Black and Red beaches, Caldera offers definitely an unique view.

Santo Wine Winery
Sit back, relax, and enjoy cheese and wine during the sunsets.
Santo Wine Winery is the place for wine tasting, but also for the amazing view you get from the terrace,
This was the best one for me.

Patmos Monastery
I didn’t have the time to go, but the there is a Monastery in Emporio, just on the top of the mountain between Perissa and Kamari.
You should be able to arrive there with the ATV, definitely worth a try!


We ate seafood four nights in a row, and, I have to say, the general level is high enough.
Fira is a little more expensive, likely because of the view.
When choosing a place, keep an eye on the price of the Moussaka, the average good restaurant sells it for 11-13 €.
(The average price for Moussaka in Athens is about 8€.)

I had a nice surprise at two places :

  • The Dolphins, which is near the black and red beach, and has tables literally on the sea.
    Only fresh fish is served, and , they say, they got fishing themself.
    Lobster spaghetti was heavily suggested from the locals, we tried, and was definitely worth the price.
  • Captain’s Corner Taverna, in Kamari, has no view to the sea, but serves very good meals for a very honest price. We took the mix of grilled fish and it was the best meal of the travel.

Night Life

Most of the night-life of the island in concentrated in Fira.
The ways center of the center of the city are filled with pub and clubs to party.
Both Fira and Oia offer a good walk during the evening.