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I've lost around 30kg during the pandemic btw!

Federico Curzel

Full Stack & Mobile Developer
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About Me

I've just started a new adventure as a Mobile Developer at Urbantz!
What will I do there? I don't know yet!
I am a mobile expert, but I am currently expanding my knowledge into other fields, such as backend and web development.


  • Software engineering and testing
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Always positive and very adaptable
  • Test-Driven Development

Programming Languages

  • Swift - Expert
  • Python - Expert
  • Typescript - Beginner
  • Previous experience with: Kotlin, Java, Objective C

Professional Experience


My Interests...

I quickly fall in love with any topic that stimulates my brain, from tech, science and futurism to physics, space exploration, politics, economics... You name it.
I love walking, especially alone, I consider it a form of meditation!
I also am learning to draw in Pixel Art, as a personal interest (I like it a lot) and for creating contents for my projects.