Federico Curzel

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About me

I am and hands-on, highly competent Software Engineer.
I’ve spent most of my career working on Mobile Apps, especially iOS, but I’ve also worked on Android, backend and frontend, across many industries. I currently lead an iOS team working on home automation and IOT projects.
Outside of tech, I quickly fall in love with any topic that stimulates my brain, from science and futurism to physics, space exploration, design… You name it.



Programming Languages

Professional Experience

iOS Tech Lead at Vimar Spa

Since November 2022
I am leading a great iOS team working on home automation and IOT projects for Vimar (one of the industry leaders in the space in Italy). My responsibilities include analysis of requirements, managing my team, and coordinating with other company departments.

Mobile Developer at Urbantz

Aug 2022 / Oct 2022
Worked on bringing MVVM and Clean Architecture to a legacy codebase, along with new major features, such as in-app turn-by-turn navigation for last-mile delivery.

Senior Software Engineer at Gucci

Aug 2021 / Aug 2022
As a member of their first mobile team, I have helped Gucci internalize the development process of their existing Mobile App. Worked in Swift and SwiftUI, Kotlin and TypeScript, used Bitrise, Browserstack, Appium.

Lead iOS Developer at Xanadu Consultancy Ltd

Feb 2016 / Aug 2021
I was the Lead iOS Developer for the Matchbook Betting Exchange App, a highly-regulated gambling platform with a lot of similarities with a regular trading platform.

Software Developer Freelance

Jan 2015 / Dec 2019
I helped startups and small companies bootstrapping their mobile projects by offering development, mentorship and other services.

Software Developer at Ixora Team Srl

Feb 2014 - Aug 2015
At Ixora Team Srl, I was responsible for the maintenance and development of an in-house developed ERP solution for Fashion Retail. I’ve designed and developed mobile apps for inventory and sales, in addition to an architecture that enabled these applications to communicate with the ERP, synchronizing data effectively. This experience allowed me to broaden my skill set, deepen my understanding of mobile applications and data synchronization, and directly contribute to the efficiency of the fashion retail industry.

Side Projects

Pet Therapy

Since June 2022
Pet Therapy is an app that brings Desktop Pets to macOS, currently used by over 10.000 users every day! The project is open source and available on the App Store. An increasing number of assets are being drawn by me! Check it out here.


Work in progress, Sept 2022
Pipper is a web browser in its simplest possible form: a webview plus exactly 6 buttons. Its only distinctive feature is the ability to float over other windows, allowing content to be always visible. Some early users have started to use it as a control panel for audio mixers, among other things. The project is open source and will soon be available on the App Store.


Defunct, 2019
MyGestionale was a simple Django-based solution for Point of Sales, Stock management, and CRM. The project ultimately failed due to a lack of time on my side.


Defunct, 2017
Tonite was an app for iOS and Android that allowed users to find events nearby, aggregating data from various sources, including Facebook Graph API. The app reached over 20,000 monthly active users within a few months of its launch. Unfortunately, due to a change in Graph API offerings and terms of use, I had to shut it down.