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I've lost around 30kg during the pandemic btw!

Federico Curzel

Senior iOS Engineer
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About Me

I am and hands-on, highly competent Software Engineer.
I've spent most of my career working on Mobile Apps, especially iOS, but I've also worked on Android, backend and frontend, across many industries.
I currently lead an iOS team working on home automation and IOT projects.
Outside of tech, I quickly fall in love with any topic that stimulates my brain, from science and futurism to physics, space exploration, design... You name it.


  • Product-Oriented mindset
  • Design Thinking Methodologies
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Test-Driven Development

Programming Languages

  • Swift (SwiftUI, UIKit, AppKit) - Since 2014
  • Python - Since 2008
  • Kotlin (Android, KMM) - Since 2018
  • Currently learning Rust
  • Objective C, Java, TypeScript

Professional Experience

Side Projects